Impossible Opera/
Unmögliche Oper

 concert/demonstration – work in progress
1 – Concert for Peterstrasse and the Crowd,
40min,  Edith-Russ-Haus für Medienkunst
Oldenburg 2017
with: Bokaleta Chor, ChoRioso, Chor Bundschuh, Rhythms of Resistance
solo by: Alessandra Eramo
asistant composer: Anna Szwajgier
photos: Christian Hesse, Dirk Lindes

The main focus of the piece is voice – its power in context of possibilities of expressing one’s needs and having a say in the public debate. I work with techniques that focus on a broad range of voice expression, from soundless powerlessness to screaming.

Sounds are largely abstract. The noise base of the composition contains sounds made by a large number of performers, like murmurs, whispers, whistling, loud breathing etc – the scale is stretched between breath and screaming. Fragments of text appear against this background. They come in a form of single syllables, interrupted words, incomplete slogans, fragments of postulates, manifestos or prayers. Choreography draws inspiration from demonstrations and protests.

All these activities are part of an hour-long musical piece, its main axis being an opposition of anarchy and system, protest and consent.