Power Games

Concert 30min
Poems by Philip Tangara
Composed and arranged by Zorka Wollny
With; Winslet Wairimu, Queenter Odol, Anthony Mwaikwasi Kimbio, Tressy Mwendwa, Felishar Saria Elly, Abdallah Kassim Abdallah, Japheth Odhiambo, Abel Salim, Philip Tangara
Video: Benard Kahindi
Photos: Hans Frank
Produced for the festival DUOS/ Social Ecology
Mombasa and Kilifi, March 2023


Power binds, power blinds.

Power sweet, power is sour.

Power binds, power blinds.

Power sweet, power is sour.

Things are getting out of hand because the authority has lost its touch.

I can see a tree extend its olive branch.

But is there Wangari Maathai?

Aquatic life won’t survive the day
just like packed lunch.

Industries with trash

Human beings with stash.

Look at the temperature surge.

She just got a heat rash.

And the leaders won’t budge.

I can see them on a rush.

To steal our cash

Waiting for five years to come and splurge.

Here is chance To give them a purge

But do we though?

They gambling with our lives.

Every five years they throw the dice.

Pet The Poet 2023

Buzzing of the phone

Smelling of cologne

Chloro Fluoro Carbons

Everybody is alone

Screens flicker in the night

Smartphones glow, a neon light

Connections made, but not in sight

Virtual reality, our new delight

The age of information.

The age of isolation.

The age of validation.

The age of more depression

Something’s missing, we can’t deny

The human touch, the heartfelt sigh

We’ve gained efficiency, but at what price?

In this city of the future, we sacrifice

Don’t teach me how to hold

Teach me how to code.

We are not human beings.

I guess we are machines.

Pet The Poet 2023

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