In ​May 2022 I worked on three new compositions. What connects them is the topic of violence as well as musical motives.

Midnight Mixtapes

Concert 25min
With; Капитолина Колобова (Kapitolina Kolobova), Анна Герасиме (Anna Gerasymenko) Eglė Šimėnaitė, Anna Clementi, Gaia Bartolini
Coordination: Kateřina Pencová
Video: Gaia Bartolini,
Produced for the festival „We Are All Emotional”
Praque, May 2022

Midnight Mixtapes premiered on the 6th of May in Prague during the Festival  
‚We Are All Emotional’. The festival kept being postponed during the two years of the pandemie and when it finally was realised one could not ignore the new circumstances that made us all emotional: The war just around the corner, in Ukraine.
That’s why I invited Ukrainian singers to co-write the libretto. The concert, which took place in the late evening, was  a compilation of fears, radio news, nightmares, melodies and calming murmurs brought together by five performers.

Things I Don’t Tell You

Concert 26min
With; Lastari, Jess, Faith, Julie, Leticia
Coordination: Emily Gee
Video: Dominika Wyrobek
Produced by Heart of Glass
St. Helens, May 2022

„Things I don’t tell you” was composed on the invitation of Heart of Glass in St Helens and The Chrysalis Center for Change, written and performed together with five women, all survivors of domestic violence.
The composition was based on a series of questions. Starting from those asked quietly to oneself ‚Am I crazy? Am I stupid? Is it my fault?”,  through to the  doubts and accusations from those around „Is it true? Are’nt you being too sensitive?”  to political statements „Why does the justice system let us down?”

The audience of the final concert was limited to friends and supporters of the group. The Chrysalis Center for Change is an organisation that helps and support anyone who identifies as a female with domestic abuse.

The Ruins of Empire

Concert 25min
With; Psychedelic Choir and Anna Clementi
Video: Emre Birismen
Produced by:Chromatic Wednesdays/Apartment Project
Berlin, 1st July 2022

The new month started with a concert made together with my band Psychedelic Choir on the invitation of Apartment Project in Berlin. We based our new composition on the text by 
Constantin-Francois Volney, the godfather of Anarchist System Mutualism, with a special attention put to chapter eight „Sources of the Evils of Society”

„And the strong associating for oppression and the weak for resistance, men mutually afflicted each other; and a general and fatal discord spread over the earth, in which the passions, assuming a thousand new forms, have generated a continued chain of misfortunes. Thus the same self-love which, moderate and prudent, was a principle of happiness and perfection, becoming blind and disordered, was transformed into a corrupting poison; and cupidity, offspring and companion of ignorance, became the cause of all the evils that have desolated the earth.”