Hearing Trumpet

composition for a choir of eight female seniors and the architecture of the Palace of Culture and Science in Warsaw, 20 min.
Teatr Studio, Warsaw, October 2014
Zorka Wollny in collaboration with Retro.Art.Bem
documentation: Johanna Abraham
FF, Temporary Authonomus Zone, Studio Theatre—Palace of Culture, Warsaw 2014


The work, carriend out during the WarSoVie Festival, was a part of the FF—Temporary Autonomus Zone event. The event presented art created by women, with a political, feminist message. The aim of the work with seniors was bringing the older genaration in the debate, dominated by young artists and critics. The direct inspiration was the book by a surrealist Leonora Carrington, Hearing trumpet, in which a group of pensioners does a revolutionary overturn and finds the Holy Grail. The composition was based on an original repertoire of the „Retro.Art.Bem” choir, with an addition of authorial psychodelic deconstruction.